WHO is Adaptive Restoration?

Adaptive Restoration is a full-service ecological restoration and land management company in Dane County, Wisconsin. Our land stewardship services are based on a foundation of science, learning and outreach, and responsible ecosystem management. We provide the ecological equivalent of "design-build" by guiding natural areas projects from the planning process through the design, implementation and maintenance phases.

What is Ecological Restoration?

"Ecological restoration is an intentional activity that initiates or accelerates the recovery of an ecosystem with respect to its health, integrity and sustainability" 

- Society for Ecological Restoration

How can we help?

From planning through implementation we can help restore and manage your land. Our core competencies include ecological consulting, forestryeducation and outreach, and botanical surveys.  We offer invasive species management, restorative forestry, seed mix design and planting, and prescribed fire. Learn more about our services.

why choose us?

Located in the Driftless Area of southern Wisconsin, we have a commitment to working local and using sound science to restore and care for the land. We've been in business since 2006 and our land stewardship has improved thousands of acres of private and public land since then. Meet our team and discover what people are saying about our work.

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Adaptive Restoration offers a network of highly-skilled ecologists, land stewards, educators, and professionals ready to meet the needs of your project

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