Place-based restoration pays off


Whether your project involves your backyard or your back 40 acres, or something even larger, Adaptive Restoration can help you meet your land stewardship goals. We do this by identifying the unique issues associated with the place you want to restore, and then addressing them with an effective, science and place-based approach. Rather than using a cookbook technique that may not apply everywhere, we develop a restoration plan based on the unique attributes of your site.

By using testable, measurable restoration practices and incorporating place-based information and results into your restoration design, we increase the likelihood that your project goals will be met.  We prefer using a phased approach to our work, where restoration processes can be tested at a limited level before scaling up to the entire project site. Our team has a wealth of restoration and land stewardship experience that we look forward to sharing with you. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your project. See what other clients have to say →

Own land? Buying land?

If you're already a landowner, or someone looking for the perfect spot, we can help you discover the ecological potential of your property, identify opportunities and constraints influencing proposed land use (building site, agriculture, recreation, restoration, hunting, conservation easements), and develop a plan for long-term stewardship of your land. 

Our land stewardship services include but are not limited to consulting, management plan writing, forestry services, prescribed burning and invasive species management.